Parasaurolophus Puzzle

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The parasaurolophus was an herbivore from the Late Cretaceous era. They traveled together in herds and raised their young rather than laying eggs in nests and abandoning them like many other reptile species. The crest was likely hollow and used to amplify sounds, such as mating calls, contact calls, and territorial calls, across large distances. This dinosaur is suspected to be the founder of the vuvuzela tradition in modern day soccer/football games.

This puzzle comes from an original design with 14 pieces measuring 5.5 inches tall x 10 inches wide. All puzzles are hand carved. As a result, each piece is unique so the color and wood-grain will vary from puzzle to puzzle. Made from either cherry or walnut wood and finished with Tung oil.

Choking Hazard- Small Parts Not for children under 3 yrs.