Dimetrodon Puzzle

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The Dimetrodon was not actually a dinosaur even though it is often mistaken as such. It was a prehistoric reptile that predated dinosaurs by 50 million years and was actually more closely related to mammals than dinosaurs. The most distinctive feature of the Dimetrodon was the giant sail on its back. Most likely, the sail acted to regulate temperature for the cold-blooded reptile by soaking up sunlight during the daytime and dissipating excess heat at night. Even though the sail was the most prominent visible feature, it was not the basis for its name. Famous American paleontologist, Edward Drinker Cope, named the Dimetrodon after the two different kinds of teeth it had in jaws. It had both sharp canines in the front of its snout, used for digging into its prey, as well as shearing teeth in the back for grinding up tough muscle and bits of bone.

Cut from cherry or walnut wood and finished with Tung oil.
This puzzle comes from an original design with 21 pieces measuring approximately 4.5 inches tall x 8.5 inches wide. All puzzles are hand carved on a scroll saw. As a result, each piece is unique so the color and wood-grain will vary from puzzle to puzzle.

Choking Hazard- Small Parts
Not for children under 3 yrs.